How to Handle an Out-of-Town Accident

"New Mexico" by AmerAvalona via Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons)
New Mexico” by AmerAvalona via Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons)

Regardless if you are out of town for work or pleasure, having an accident can throw some serious stress your way very quickly. Keep your cool and lower your blood pressure in the heat of the moment by having a game plan, and knowing what to do when and if the unfortunate moment ever strikes. Follow these few short tips from us here at New Century BMW Collision Center in Alhambra, CA to make the best of out an uncomfortably unfamiliar situation.

Quick Out-of-Town Accident Tips

• Always assess for any bodily damages first and call 911 if needed.

• Get pictures immediately with a cell phone or disposable camera (which are handy to have in an emergency road-side kit).

• Move vehicles from the roadway to communicate with other drivers involved, and to further document damages.

• Get name, phone number, address, insurance company, policy #, make/model/year of other vehicles, and witness information if available. You never want to miss any of these details when in an accident, and you want this information for your own records. Especially with being out of town, getting this information if vital.

• Contact your insurance company or agent immediately. They will let you know if you are covered for out of service area shops (which most people are), and they will be able to give you information on where to take the vehicle. Or, they’ll be able to help you get to a collision center of your choice, like New Century BMW Collision Center.

• Contact the other person’s insurance company to inform them of your claim and give them your testimony. Do not expect the other driver to do so, although they should.

• Always make sure your insurance and registration information is sorted out, easy to get to, and current before heading out of town.

Accident in Los Angeles? Visit us at New Century BMW Collision Center

Hopefully this quick list helps explain what to do in an out of town accident. No matter what make or model you drive, New Century BMW Collision Center is here to help. BMW Collision Repair is located in Los Angeles County. Repair your BMW today by bringing it back to us here in Alhambra, CA.

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